A new concept restaurant!

At tonedbones we understand that our society enjoys eating…and eating out.  We also understand that eating out often means not eating well, despite our best intentions.  So the choices we face are usually somewhere between a greasy piece of meat and a ladle (or two) of rich dressing, or a bowl of snap peas and sprouts!  One tastes good, and the other…well, probably doesn’t.  We chose to find the best of both worlds at tonedbones:  Our menu is loaded with great tastes in familiar meals, with some surprisingly good ingredients that are also good for you.  Our commitment to you is that we will never stop searching for that middle ground, and to continue to evolve our recipes as good foods get even better.

At tonedbones our customers can enjoy a delicious breakfast, lunch, or dinner, with a lot less guilt for not eating well.  Our recipes include Greek yogurt, agave, and olive oil ingredients in places you would never expect to see them.  Gluten free options abound, and yet while you enjoy our house-made roasted rosemary potatoes with your barbeque burger, you may not ever realize that we have no deep fryer, and our barbeque sauce is locally made and Whole Foods certified!

As a bistro-style atmosphere, tonedbones does have a full bar, where we’ll make your favorite drink, pour you a glass of wine, or serve you an ice cold beer (Gluten free beer available) .  In the mornings, enjoy a cool Mimosa; and our daily extended afternoon happy hours include drinks and appetizers, so eating well can be a part of your entire day.